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-Stranger In A Strange Aeon-

Esoterica -
n : Secrets known only to an initiated minority.

"THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental." - The Kybalion.


Amateur Writer when I have time, occasional Synth musician in my spare time [Chiptune/Industrial], professional misanthrope all the time.
Currently "working" on a long term Hard SF space opera project, set in the distant future of an alternate history. Plus various short stories both in that universe and others.

Other than that my time is usually taken up by my main job [head office of Doom], my spouse [wonderful], my second job [Museum], and socializing with fiends [yes, fiends].

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"Five billion years from now, maybe to the day, the sun burns ninety percent of its hydrogen.
A balance is destroyed. More energy is created than released.
Quickly,in a few million years, the sun radiates all of its potential power.
The star swells. Mercury, Venus, the Earth... disappear. Swallowed.
The sun truly, finally, touches the sky.
Life vanishes, eons ago.
Eventually,the sun shrinks, decreasing to the size of the Earth, which reappears from the Red Dwarf's grasp.
With no gravity to hold it, the Earth slowly floats away.
Elsewhere, stars are born. Other systems, older, larger, continue to breathe. The solar system dies of crib death.
We'll sit alone on a dark chunk of ice atop the world, and the stars above, beyond, and between us will never shine brighter as we drift away, slowly, into space."
Glen Morgan and James Wong

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